Curriculum Vitae:

I was born in July 1971 in Erlangen, Germany. In 1990, I achieved a high school degree at the Emil-von-Behring Gymnasium and began to study computer science at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. I interrupted my studies to spend 15 months of civil service at the Institute of Virology in Erlangen. From March 1999 until February 2003 I have been a Ph.-D. student with the VIS Group of the University of Stuttgart and until February 2006 I have been a Postdoc at the Computer Graphics Lab of the University of Erlangen. After that I have been working for Siemens Medical MR as a 3D/4D Expert for Medical Volume Visualization and for Makai Ocean Engineering in Waimanalo, Oahu, as the head of the visualization group.

As of September 2009 I am a professor at the Ohm Hochschule in Nuremberg with main focus 3D computer graphics.

Research Papers:

In the following my research papers are listed chronologically.


Stefan Roettger, Wolfgang Heidrich, Philipp Slusallek, and Hans-Peter Seidel. Real-Time Generation of Continuous Levels of Detail for Height Fields. In V. Skala, editor, Proc. WSCG '98, pages 315-322, 1998. (PDF PPT MPG)


Stefan Roettger, Martin Kraus, and Thomas Ertl. Hardware-Accelerated Volume and Isosurface Rendering Based On Cell-Projection. In T. Ertl, B. Hamann and A. Varshney, editors, Proc. Visualization '00, pages 109-116, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2000. (PDF PPT)

Stefan Roettger, Martin Schulz, Wolf Bartelheimer, and Thomas Ertl. Flow Visualization on Hierarchical Cartesian Grids. In Lecture Notes in Computational Science and Engineering (Proceedings of 3rd International FORTWIHR Conference on HPSEC), volume 21, pages 139-146, Springer Verlag, ISBN 3-540-42946-8, 2002. (PDF PPT)


Stefan Roettger, Martin Schulz, Wolf Bartelheimer, and Thomas Ertl. Automotive Soiling Simulation Based On Massive Particle Tracing. In Proc. Visualization Symposium '01, pages 309-317, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2001. (PDF PPT MOV MOV)

Stefan Roettger and Thomas Ertl. Hardware Accelerated Terrain Rendering by Adaptive Slicing. In Proc. VMV '01, pages 159-168, infix, 2001. (PDF PPT)


Stefan Roettger, Alexander Irion, and Thomas Ertl. Shadow Volumes Revisited. In V. Skala, editor, Proc. WSCG '02, pages 373-379, 2002. (PDF PPT AVI)

Stefan Roettger and Thomas Ertl. A Two-Step Approach for Interactive Pre-Integrated Volume Rendering of Unstructured Grids. In Proc. VolVis '02, pages 23-28, ACM Press, 2002. (PDF PPT)

Stefan Guthe, Stefan Roettger, Andreas Schieber, Wolfgang Strasser, and Thomas Ertl. High-Quality Unstructured Volume Rendering on the PC Platform. In Proc. EG/SIGGRAPH Graphics Hardware Workshop '02, pages 119-125, 2002. (PDF PPT AVI)

Stefan Roettger and Ingo Frick. The Terrain Rendering Pipeline. In Proc. EWV '02, pages 195-199, OCG Schriftenreihe, R. Oldenburg, Vienna, 2002. (PDF PPT)

Armin Kanitsar, Thomas Theussl, Lukas Mroz, Milos Sramek, Anna Vilanova Bartoli, Balazs Csebfalvi, Jiri Hladuvka, Dominik Fleischmann, Michael Knapp, Rainer Wegenkittl, Petr Felkel, Stefan Roettger, Stefan Guthe, Werner Purgathofer, Meister Eduard Groeller. Christmas Tree Case Study: Computed Tomography as a Tool for Mastering Complex Real World Objects with Applications in Computer Graphics. In Proc. Visualization '02, pages 489-492, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2002 (PDF DATA)


Stefan Roettger and Thomas Ertl. Fast Volumetric Display of Natural Gaseous Phenonema. In Proc. CGI '03, pages 74-81, 2003. (PDF PPT MOV)

Stefan Roettger and Thomas Ertl. Real-Time Non-Photorealistic Display of Clouds. IEEE VR 2003 Video Proceedings. (MOV)

Stefan Roettger, Stefan Guthe, Daniel Weiskopf, and Thomas Ertl. Smart Hardware-Accelerated Volume Rendering. In Proc. Visualization Symposium '03, pages 231-238, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2003. (PDF PPT)

Stefan Roettger and Thomas Ertl. Cell Projection of Convex Polyhedra. In Proc. VG '03, pages 103-107, 2003. (PDF PPT)

Martin Kada, Stefan Roettger, Karsten Weiss, Thomas Ertl, and Dieter Fritsch. Real-Time Visualization of Large-Scale Urban Landscapes Using OpenSceneGraph and Impostors. In Proc. ACRS '03, 2003. (PDF)


Stefan Roettger, Volumetric Methods for the Real-Time Display of Natural Gaseous Phenomena, PhD Thesis, University of Stuttgart, Germany, 2004. (PDF AVI Talk)

Stefan Roettger, Stefan Guthe, Andreas Schieber, and Thomas Ertl. Convexification of Unstructured Grids. In Proc. VMV '04, pages 283-292, 2004. (PDF AVI Poster)


Stefan Roettger, Michael Bauer, and Marc Stamminger. Spatialized Transfer Functions. In Proc. EuroVis '05, pages 271-278, IEEE Computer Society Press, 2005. (PDF Talk)


Stefan Roettger. NDVI-based Vegetation Rendering. In Proc. CGIM '07, IASTED Press, February 2007. (PDF PPT)

Articles and Talks:


Stefan Roettger. How to use the itk::NaryElevateImageFilter and itk::UnaryRetractImageFilter for the post-processing of medical 4D data. In Insight Journal, January-June '07 Issue,, 2007. (PDF src data)

Stefan Roettger. Volume Rendering with libMini,, 2007. (PDF)


Stefan Roettger. Volume Rendering Tutorial,, 2009. (Part 1 Part 2 Part 3)

since 2009:

Stefan Roettger. Lecture on C/C++ Programming, Ohm Hochschule, Nürnberg, 2009. (Link)

Stefan Roettger. Lecture on 3D Computer Graphics, Ohm Hochschule, Nürnberg, 2010. (Link)

Stefan Roettger. Lecture on 3D Volume Visualization, Ohm Hochschule, Nürnberg, 2010. (Link)